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30 daily success rituals to change the way you think in order to live an extraordinary life, achieve your biggest dreams, and awaken the guru within

So what is The Movement?

1 Month Online Video Course Radically transform your life in 4 short weeks  

10 Short Videos in total Super inspiring, short sharp vids  

10 Simple Exercises to ensure action-taking and growth Fun and simple exercises designed so you actually take action rather than just passively watching

Beautifully designed journal to track progress Keep yourself on track and accountable with the chicest journal you’ve ever seen

Accountability in our Private Members area Connect with our uber-fabulous community of like-minded babes and find your sisterhood of support  

Only 5-10 minutes needed each day to transform your life There’s no fluff here babe, just straight to the point, actionable strategies for you to implement each day

It’s 10 videos delivered every 3 days for the month of January  

In between the videos you have a journal with practical, action steps you can complete each day  

You'll spend no more than 10mins each day, consciously creating success.  

At $1 per day it is the best damn transformational deal you'll ever come across  




+ You feel like the invisible woman  

+ You need more self-confidence and self-esteem 

+ You’re a chronic overthinker  

+ You always stress about the past, thinking about what you could have/should have said/done  

+ Your thoughts keep you up at night

+ You want to experience more freedom 

+ You’ve lost your passion for life  

+ You don’t think you’re living your fullest potential  

+ You second guess yourself  

+ You get paralysed by decision-making  

+ You struggle finding your voice and being seen  

+ You feel stuck and like you can’t breakthrough to the next level 

If this sounds like you, don't worry, you're not alone!

When we’re faced with tough times, we start second guessing ourselves, or worse comparing ourselves, we often think it must be us.  

There must be something “wrong” with us, #amiright?  

We have such high hopes and grand visions, but unfortunatley the reality is often very different.  

We find ourselves scrambling to make a living, feeling like we’re stuck in GroundHog day, not really enjoying the life we’ve created for ourselves, and getting anxious on Sunday nights at the thought of doing it all over again. 

But there is another way  

Hey I’m Amber and I’ve spent: $39,450. 6,992 hours. 136 books.  


$39,450 SPENT: On coaching, programs, personal development, healers, psychics, therapists, products and gurus.  

6,992 HOURS: spent on figuring this stuff out  

136 BOOKS: read on the topics of success, leadership, mindset, self-esteem, self-worth, higher self, intuition, manifestation.  

13 YEARS: and counting, devoted to this journey.  

This is what I've personally put in,  

This is why I feel qualified to teach you. 

I truly believe we all deserve to live our dream life whatever that may be.  

But it's not something that you can wake up and just magically have!  

I have consciously created every aspect of my life, to truly step into a state of excellence. 

Over the years I’ve developed so many actionable, measurable and structured hacks that I use on the daily to create my dream life.

A life where I work 100% online and travel the Globe, 6 months of the year,  

Where I get to serve every single day,  

Where I get emails from people all over the World, telling me how much my training has changed their life,  

Where I have complete time and location independence,  

And where I can literally manifest abundance into reality overnight.  

And now I’m sharing my absolute best transformative techniques with you.  

Success techniques, designed to create your dream life, whatever that looks like for you.  

When you get clarity around what you should be doing everything changes,  

When you get the support to implement it, everything changes,  

When you finally find your tribe of ass-kicking sisterhood, everything changes, 


  • + Finally overcome your limiting beliefs and take control of those overpowering negative thoughts  
  • + Learn how to radically manifest wealth and abundance into your life  
  • + Finally Face your Fear of Judgment or Failure  
  • + Cease Comparison-itis and think you’re Not Enough compared to others  
  • + Rewrite your subconscious Worthy-ness beliefs  
  • + Reignite your passion and love for life  
  • + How to stop losing focus and getting distracted  
  • + Upgrade your habits and belief systems to creating true and lasting change  
  • + Learn how Successful People Think and creating powerful habit

Want to know exactly what you'll be getting? 


+ Radically inspiring and seriously mind-blowing strategies to help you truly create your dream life

+ Streamed online on your mobile or desktop, no longer than 10 minutes each (girlfriend is busy, I get it!)  


+ Mind-blowing manifestation techniques to instantly manifest anything you want into reality + Once and for all, release the limiting beliefs that you have around what you are capable of achieving in your dream life  

+ How to Finally Overcome Fear, Judgement and Comparison-itis  

+ Give yourself permission to put yourself out there and show up for your business and your life to make the impact you know you're worthy of  

+ Finally reach your fullest potential by building seriously fierce levels of self-confidence and self-esteem  

+ Overcome Introversion and be able to speak your truth authentically without fear of judgement  

+ How to Overcome Procrastination and crush Perfectionism for Good 


+ Did someone say homework? You got it babe! This isn’t a passive program where you just watch the vids. No Way!! 

This will push you out of your comfort zone and get you implementing the rituals into your daily life using quick, simple and practical tools that everyone will enjoy!

HINT: These are the techniques that I use on the daily, to create my dream life!  

+ Rituals will take maximum 10 mins, but some only take an extra minute or two each day.  

+ Stunningly designed journal to keep your A-ha’s safe and to help track your progress  


+ What I know about this journey is that you need a tribe of cheerleaders to help, support (and sometimes give you a loving ass-kick) along the way  

+ When you join our supportive community you’ll find your new cheerleaders, all consciously creating their dream lives  

+ Group Accountability to keep you on track and doing the work!  


+ Beautifully designed graphics to give you visual cues each day to remind you to do your ritual.  

+ Share these with friends on social media, or save to your phone and desktop as screensaver and daily motivation  

Plus there’s Gamification built-in

Gamifi-what?? Definition: Gamification is the process of taking something that already exists, and integrating game mechanics into it to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty.  

What does that mean for you?  

Well if you’re an A-type Personality like me, if you’re driven, successful, goal-oriented, you often want (and NEED) some type of “achievement’ to happen in order to get something to stick.  

So I’ve built that into The Movement so that you can feel like you’re “winning” at this every day. That way you are much more likely to complete the exercises and develop a daily ritual  


I genuinely want you to implement these rituals to create lasting impact in your life…..SO in order to keep that “winning/achieving/goal” part of you kicking in, I’ve reached out to conscious partners to supply prizes to the babes who put in the most consistent effort and show up the most powerfully.  

Here is a selection of our current prize partners:

DID I MENTION YOU’LL BE SAVING LIVES WHEN YOU JOIN? Meet Thabang. He’s one of the 109 children that I feed each week from the profits from The Movement. He’s one of the orphans that the Kindling Foundation house, educate and feed every single day. The Kindling Foundation, based in South Africa, was founded by my bro and our bestie and along with providing daily care, we do annual impact trips to build new sustainable projects for them. Your involvement directly funds these children who would starve without Kindling.  




NOPE that’s not a Typo!  

For $1/day I will transform your life in 30 short days

I truly believe EVERYONE should join The Movement which is why I’ve made this affordable for everyone.  

For way less than a Latte a Day you can create true and lasting change in your life, For Real.

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How is The Movement delivered?

Class starts on the 1st of the month and we all journey through this together, cheering each other on!  

Every three days a new video will be loaded in the private members area and you will receive an email notification.  

Highly-practical and motivating videos, to walk you through the PRECISE strategies you need to put in place  

On demand videos so that you can listen and learn while you’re on the go

Clear, step-by-step, and FUN exercises (because there’s nothing more frustrating than wishy-washy advice that doesn’t show you EXACTLY how to implement what you’ve learned).

In-built gamification and prize giveaways to keep you pumped about reaching the next level and truly creating lasting change in your life.


You get instant access to all of these amazing tools and resources as soon as you sign up.

Stop delaying your dreams. Start finally living them! 




NOPE that’s not a Typo!  

For $1/day I will transform your life in 30 short days

I truly believe EVERYONE should join The Movement which is why I’ve made this affordable for everyone.  

For way less than a Latte a Day you can create true and lasting change in your life, For Real.

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It’s amazing how quickly the thought can roll into a bigger thought and it snowballs from there. But the power of positive thinking no matter what, wow! 

I have learned how deeply it does affect the outcome of things and what you attract as a result at the end! Sometimes it’s hard to step out of negative thinking but it’s so crucial to change that belief into a positive and feeling it, to create that vibe around it which protects you wherever you go!

Branka Kukic  

Natasha Haddad

Wow! Amber Renae I am a psychotherapist that teaches mindfulness to primary and high school students and that was the most beautiful explanation I have ever heard. 

You have condensed and segmented so much info into this practical and eloquent explanation/practise. Brilliant <3

Kascia Zendras 

When I first introduced myself in here and spoke about what I was looking for. I spoke about me really working hard for others , for not much return if any. Well there has been a massive shift since doing my gratitude practice. 

My employer called me into her office last week for our Monthly 1:1. Instead of talking about working on new systems or fixing things that weren’t working. She gave me a bonus. It has never happened in the company. 

Of course I was extremely grateful. I now automatically wake up at the same time every morning and my gratitude practice has already started.

Megan Quigley

Still loving this step - I've even got my 9yr old son doing it so he wakes up not like the bear with a sore head & it's actually working, yesterday morning was blissful! 

Thank you!  

Caitlin Collins

This was my favourite, most helpful ritual! I had heard of the law of attraction before but never really knew how to put it into action in my life.

 I can already see the universe delivering me positive and amazing things and I'm so thankful! 

Tina Marie Amrhein  

Totally love this exercise. Much needed in my life. What a difference it makes to be present and stop thinking/worrying about the future. 

Thanks Amber Renae!

Rikta Shah 

This is powerful. I wasn’t able to study so I recorded my own voice with positive affirmation and I really could take up the studies in sometime. 

The gratitude practice has really brought some positive change in me. Thanks!

I just wanted to share something with you ladies as I'm really onboard the GRATITUDE TRAIN. I woke up yesterday morning feeling gratitude for my strong body- I mean real GRATITUDE, and I have been working so hard I just started a keto program. 

I am 2 weeks in and after my gratitude ritual the past couple of days I got my measurements and I have lost 16 cm in total from my body.. feeling very grateful indeed!

I'm just feeling overwhelming gratitude for everything. I focus on gratitude to the point I actually tear up and I'm loving every minute of my day as a result. Huge shifts already! Thanks to you Amber Renae for these amazing tips.

Rachel Brass


Here's your invitation to our life-changing community 

All of these women have gone through this program, with incredible results.  

Overcome lifelong blocks, to be able to truly step into their greatness and create their dream life.  

So to be honest, it’s not a question of if this program works. (It does, and our graduates have proven that - time and time again.)  






NOPE that’s not a Typo!  

For $1/day I will transform your life in 30 short days

I truly believe EVERYONE should join The Movement which is why I’ve made this affordable for everyone.  

For way less than a Latte a Day you can create true and lasting change in your life, For Real.

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 You've got Questions? I’ve got Answers! 

What Happens After I Click BUY?

You’ll be taken to our secure checkout page, this is run by the most secure and robust payment software in the World. You will enter your payment info, select Paypal or use your Debit or Credit Card. 

Then you’ll be taken to a Page with further instructions. You will also receive an email giving you your login info - please note this may take up to 15mins.  

If you have any troubles signing up or logging in, please just send us a quick email here: style @amberrenae .com

What do I get for my $30?

For a one-time fee of $30 you get:  

- 10 videos available in our private members area - 10 super simple yet highly effective rituals to push you and help you grow - A workbook to download and journal in, that you can refer back to later - 10 stunningly designed graphics that you can use on your social media or save to your home screen - A loving sisterhood of support, connection and community - A motivational email each day the new video is released

What Happens if I Miss a Day or Fall Behind?

Nothing girlfriend!! Life happens, I get it. That’s why I’ve given you 3 days to watch and implement each video and ritual. 

These are standalone rituals, so if you miss one (or even a couple) whole ritual entirely, nothing happens and you don’t fall behind. This is life!  

Will I have Access to the Videos after the month is over? 

So long as you renew your subscription for the following month you will have access to all of the videos  

What kind of results can I expect?

That’s completely up to you, sweet cheeks. While I’d like to tell you that the minute you enroll, your dream life will magically manifest, that’s simply not true. (In fact, if anyone ever tells you that, you should back away from them and get the hell outta there!) 

What I CAN tell you is that this program is jam-packed with tonnes of incredible tools, techniques and insights that have helped me and hundreds of other babes like you, create genuine, and lasting changes in thier life. 

If you’re prepared to seriously dig in, do the work, and take action on everything you’ve learned… Well, the sky’s the limit, and the results will blow your mind.  

How much time do I need to commit to the course? 

Babe MAX 10minutes a day. Maximum. Some days you will only need a couple of extra minutes. I get it, you’re busy!!

I don’t think I can do this I’m [insert limiting belief]

A-ha a limiting belief! Awesome! This is EXACTLY what we’re here to conquer!

Are there any Tech Requirements that I need to have? 

As long as you have an internet connection, you can stream the videos on either your desktop, laptop or mobile device. 

Have more Q’s? 

You can chat directly with Amber using the Chat Box below or by Clicking HERE

#HOTTIP: Transformation is in transaction. 

Once you finally commit, Once you put skin in the game, That’s the exact point that you’ll start seeing results, Because that’s the point when you’re 100% committed to taking action and doing the work that needs to be done. So the question really becomes, are you ready to step up? 

Can I drop a final truth-bomb here? 

It’s time to say YES to YOU! It’s time to finally step into your true authentic power and to make the kind of lasting changes you need to live your best life. You deserve to live the life you’ve always dreamed of You have so much more power than you know, Don’t put off any longer, what you desire What you know is possible What you’ve always dreamed of The Movement is what you’ve been waiting for




NOPE that’s not a Typo!  

For $1/day I will transform your life in 30 short days

I truly believe EVERYONE should join The Movement which is why I’ve made this affordable for everyone.  

For way less than a Latte a Day you can create true and lasting change in your life, For Real.

Click Here to Buy

So What Are You Waiting For?  

Your dream, your passion, your vision, they're all worth investing in!  

It's not woo-woo.  

It's daily practical tools that will literally re-program your subconscious and help you master your destiny.  

Are you ready to go beyond what you think is possible and experience a life of limitless possibilities?  

A life, your life, that is bursting with possibilities and opportunities and abundance?  

What I'm asking from you is:  

$1 per day for the next 30 days  

5-10 minutes of each day.  

That's it.  

You give me this and I will give you the absolute best, most transformative practises delivered in a way to guarantee results.